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Occupational Therapy

CHI St. Joseph Health offers an Occupational Therapy program like no other. We serve the Brazos Valley with the largest team of occupational therapists in the region, each with specialized skills so we can match you with the best therapist for the quickest route to safely restore activity and function.  

Our occupational therapists are patient-centered and will focus on you, considering your lifestyle, overall health and personal goals when creating a plan of care. Many of our occupational therapists have specialized skill sets in areas such as pediatrics, low-vision, lymphedema, and hand therapy.

We help people of all ages do the things they need to do for everyday activities. From tying your shoes, to cooking, cleaning and continuing your profession, occupational therapy focuses on improving the skills you need for daily life. This includes waking up and getting ready on time, driving and continuing to work and play as much as possible.

How can occupational therapy benefit you?

Occupational therapists work with people who have physical, mental, or developmental conditions. Using therapeutic activities they help increase independent function of work, self-care, and leisure activities. This may include adjusting the task or environment for maximum independence, safety and fewer limitations.

Our patients include:

  • Injuries from accident
  • Patients who’ve undergone surgery
  • Individuals with disabling conditions such as hand injuries, vision problems, arthritis, heart disease, fractures, head injuries, and neurologic conditions
  • Patients who’ve experienced cognitive changes
  • Patients who’ve experienced physical changes of many kinds
  • Children who want to attend school and social events despite disabilities

Through the use of the latest therapeutic treatments and specialized equipment, CHI St. Joseph Health Occupational Therapists help patients acquire skills for everyday living, including:

  • Promoting independence in daily living skills, including dressing, grooming and feeding
  • Improving fine motor and hand/eye coordination skills
  • Improving organization, self-regulation, and behavioral states
  • Improving visual/motor perceptual skills, including writing
  • Addressing orthopedic complications
  • Helping to increase function through the use of splinting or casting
  • The safe use of wheelchair, walkers, canes and crutches

Throughout your treatment course, your CHI St. Joseph Health Occupational Therapist will document your progress and communicate regularly with your doctor and physical therapist.

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Getting Treatment

The CHI St. Joseph Occupational Therapy program requires a physician referral. You are encouraged to share this information with your physician and talk about the possible benefit of this program for you.

We understand having limitations in your daily life can be frustrating, and we’re passionate about bringing you relief.

Contact us today to learn more about CHI St. Joseph Occupational Therapy services!

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